Al Hoor Moroccan Organic Argan Oil

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Discover Al Hoor's 100ml Ecocert certified, cold-pressed liquid luxury, packed with vitamin E, Omega 6, Omega 9, and antioxidants for all-over radiance.

Our Organic Argan Oil serves as a rejuvenating moisturizer and youth elixir, reducing wrinkles, fighting acne, and nourishing your hair with a non-greasy, non-irritating formula.

Simplify your beauty routine with this versatile oil, treasured by Morocco's Berber tribe as an all-in-one beauty solution.

Experience the transformative power of AL HOOR's Organic Argan Oil and indulge in radiant beauty today!

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The ultimate all-in-one elixir for your hair, skin, and nails

Revitalize your skin, hair, and nails with just one product! AL HOOR's Organic Argan Oil works wonders to promote healthy skin, deeply moisturize for luscious locks, prevent hair breakage, boost growth and volume, hydrate chapped lips, diminish dark circles, and fortify brittle nails.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel... Release Your Luscious Locks!

Unleash your hair's full potential with Al Hoor's Organic Argan Oil, the ultimate weapon against the woes of long hair. Dubbed "Liquid Gold," each bottle is pressed from the finest Argan kernels using cutting-edge technology, ensuring every drop is brimming with heavenly nutrients. Say goodbye to hair breakage and the dreaded split-end saga.

Applying Argan Oil on Hair

Escape the harmful effects of chemical-laden hair products and embrace the power of nature with our pure Argan oil, rich in nourishing Vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

Revitalize Dry, Damaged Hair

Treat Split Ends, dried damaged hair Using Al Hoor Argan Oil

Say goodbye to years of damage caused by high street hair products with the incredible healing power of Al Hoor Argan Oil. Our premium, organic oil is a game-changer, revitalizing your hair by tackling split ends, frizzy hair, and enhancing shine and gloss.

Smooth Frizz and Enhance Shine

[Shiny hair image]

Bid farewell to unruly, frizzy hair! Al Hoor Organic Argan Oil effortlessly tames frizz, making your hair more manageable while adding a radiant, natural shine that's sure to turn heads.

Boost Hair Growth and Improve Scalp Health

Argan Oil Application Using Pipette

Experience thicker, fuller hair with Al Hoor Organic Argan Oil. Our formula improves scalp health, stimulating new hair growth for both men and women. A simple treatment applied 3 to 4 times per week can lead to less hair shedding and stronger, more voluminous locks.

Exfoliate and Combat Scalp Conditions with Moroccan Black Soap

Before applying Argan oil, exfoliate your scalp with our Moroccan Black Soap, a natural product designed to unclog hair follicles and allow the oil to penetrate deeply. This process eliminates buildup from styling products, environmental pollution, and excess sebum, helping to treat common scalp issues such as dandruff, dryness, and itchiness.

Unlock the full potential of your hair with Al Hoor Organic Argan Oil and Moroccan Black Soap, the ultimate duo for hair and scalp health. Make the switch today and step into a world of gorgeous, lustrous hair that truly shines.

Revitalize Thinning Hair

Aging doesn't have to mean thinning hair. Our Argan oil formula stimulates hair growth and improves scalp health, giving you thicker, fuller hair that radiates with the vitality of youth.


A Captivating Solution for All Hair Types

Embrace the beauty of diversity with Al Hoor Argan Oil, a versatile and captivating solution that caters to all hair types. Whether you have luscious curls, stunning waves, or a fabulous afro, our organic Argan Oil is the answer to all your hair care needs.

For Afro Hair

Al hoor argan oil for Afre Hair

Al Hoor Argan Oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft, providing much-needed moisture and nourishment to every strand. This luxurious oil helps maintain your hair's natural elasticity, preventing breakage, and keeping your afro soft, manageable, and healthy.

For Curly Hair

Curly Hair

Al Hoor Argan Oil is a curly-haired individual's best friend. The oil's lightweight formula adds definition to your curls while eliminating frizz and promoting shine. Experience bouncy, well-defined curls with a silky-smooth finish.

For Everything Else

No matter your hair type – straight, wavy, or anything in between – Al Hoor Argan Oil has you covered. This versatile oil offers a myriad of benefits, including protection against heat damage, reduced split ends, and a boost of hydration, leaving your hair looking and feeling its absolute best.

Unlock the Fountain of Youth: Experience Age-Defying Skin Care

Clear Skin Al Hoor Argan Oil

Cherish the Skin You're In

Your skin is your lifelong companion, so treat it with the love it deserves. Al Hoor's Argan Oil strikes the perfect balance - not too heavy, not too light - making it ideal for all skin types. Loaded with Omega fatty acids, Vitamin E, and Linoleic acids, it delicately moisturizes and repairs damaged skin, nourishing dry patches, and soothing irritation.

Revitalize and Hydrate

Quench your skin's thirst with the deep, penetrating hydration of Argan oil. Rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, our formula nourishes and revitalizes your skin, restoring its natural moisture balance and leaving it soft, smooth, and supple.

Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Turn back the hands of time and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Al Hoor Organic Argan Oil is packed with antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals, promoting firm, youthful-looking skin.

Improve Skin Elasticity

Regain your skin's youthful bounce with the age-defying properties of our Argan oil formula. Boost collagen production and improve skin elasticity, revealing a firmer, more toned complexion.

Protect and Repair

Shield your skin from the ravages of time and environmental damage with Al Hoor Organic Argan Oil. Its natural healing properties help repair damaged skin, soothe inflammation, and even out skin tone for a brighter, more youthful appearance.

Crystal Clear Complexion: Unraveling the Acne-Fighting Secrets of Al Hoor Argan Oil

 Treat Acne With Al Hoor Argan Oil

Al Hoor Argan Oil works wonders on acne-prone skin. The oil's high concentration of vitamin E, Omega 6, and Omega 9 fatty acids helps to balance sebum production, unclog pores, and soothe inflammation, paving the way for clear, healthy skin.

Alleviate Eczema & Psoriasis Symptoms with Al Hoor Organic Argan Oil

Argan oil can effectively treat and help minimize the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. The oil dubbed liquid gold has been known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and has been said to have very distinct benefits for the skin.

Experience relief from eczema and psoriasis with Al Hoor Organic Argan Oil,

due to its rich anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties

Soothe Inflammation and Prevent Infections

Argan oil's anti-inflammatory nature reduces red patches and the likelihood of future breakouts, while its antibacterial properties help prevent infections from eczema or psoriasis flare-ups.

Promote Healthy Skin Growth

The high concentration of vitamin E in Al Hoor Argan Oil supports skin health and new skin growth, minimizing the effects of eczema and keeping psoriasis breakouts at bay.

Natural, Chemical-Free Relief

Our 100% certified organic Argan oil offers a natural, chemical-free solution for treating eczema and psoriasis, ensuring maximum benefits for your skin without harmful side effects.


Discover the Secret to Healthy Nails with Al Hoor Organic Argan Oil

Achieve strong, beautiful, and well-kept nails, enhancing your overall beauty and well-being

Revitalize Your Nails, Cuticles, and Heels

Nail And Cuticle Treatment Using Al Hoor Argan Oil

Did you know Argan oil could work wonders for your nail health? Rich in nourishing nutrients, our organic Argan oil keeps your nails, cuticles, and surrounding skin protected and moisturized. 

Transform your nails from brittle and cracked to strong and healthy with the power of Argan oil. Our deeply moisturizing formula provides the essential nutrients your nails need, revealing dramatic improvements over time.

Bid farewell to rough, tough cuticles. Al Hoor Organic Argan Oil gently softens and nourishes your cuticles, making them easier to clean and maintain during manicures and pedicures.

Our Argan oil formula not only benefits your nails but also works to soften and prevent calluses surrounding your nails. Embrace the power of Argan oil for healthier, more beautiful skin around your nails and heels.

Restore Cracked Heels using Al Hoor Argan Oil treatment

Experience the rejuvenating power of Al Hoor Argan Oil as it restores your cracked heels to their former smoothness

Preferred by Nail Professionals

Al Hoor Argan Oil is now being used in many participating nail salons to help prepare nails and cuticles before a manicure or pedicure. Experience the all-natural, rejuvenating effects of Argan oil on your nails, cuticles, and heels with Al Hoor Organic Argan Oil. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to the nourishing touch of nature.


Our elegant amber glass bottle not only looks chic but also protects the oil from harmful UV rays, ensuring its freshness and efficacy. The included dropper allows for easy, mess-free application.

Quality Test It

Experience the exceptional quality of our oil, crafted from the finest kernels and free from any greasy residue or overpowering smell. We've taken care to ensure that no goat-digested Argan kernels are used, providing you with only the purest argan oil experience.

Confidently choose AL HOOR's Organic Argan Oil with its Ecocert certification and perform the fridge test to confirm its authenticity. Trust in the quality and effectiveness of our premium, cold-pressed oil, which solidifies in cool temperatures.

Al Hoor Argan Oil is certified 100% Organic so you can rest assured that you will be getting the best benefit possible for your skin

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